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Earlier this year we updated our www.shave.com website to incorporate an online shop. Now we have added subscriptions  including our new Hyperglide razor as well as our Azor 4-Blade razor and Shaving Oils.

Changes to the New Subscription Service
To help simplify the subscription service, the new site will initially only offer monthly or bi-monthly razor and blade subscriptions plus monthly or bi-monthly oil subscriptions. Also all subscriptions will be UK delivery only. We are working closely with our overseas partners and distributors to encourage them to offer local subscription services.

Our new Hyperglide 5-Blade razor has now replaced the older Azor 5-Blade razor. We will no longer be offering the Azor 5-Blade subscription. Currently there is limited stock of Azor 5 available as a bulk buy product, or as individual handle and cartridge packs.

More Control
You will need to create a brand new account when you sign-up for your first subscription at shave.com.

The new customer account area on shave.com allows you to update address details, change passwords, amend payment / card details as well as pausing / suspending subscriptions or cancelling them yourself giving you much more direct control over your subscriptions and payments.

Your Existing Subscriptions
All current subscriptions here at kingofshavessub.com will continue to run as normal for the next few months. We will shortly be emailing all subscribers directly encouraging them to move to the new service and to upgrade their razors to Hyperglide (we promise the upgrade is worth it).


If you have any queries about this change, please check out our FAQs here on kingofshavessub.com.

There are also more comprehensive FAQs on shave.com.

If you have any queries, please contact our Customer Care team.

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